Our Story

The journey of our wonderfully artistic idiosyncrasy started in Ahmedabad, circa 2012, when a bunch of cool cat designers decided to follow their heart and initiate a beautiful marriage between their rich heritage and their quirky bug. The result was a company manufacturing collectibles  that were a representation of pop culture, chill vibes and traditions! 

Lo and behold, Intelligent Idiots - A delicious cocktail of cheeky fun with a dash of ‘sanskar’, shaken not stirred.

Inspiration: We travelled the picturesque bylanes of India to have a tet-a-tete with some really talented designers and got inspired by their sheer brilliance. This lightning rod of inspiration helped us realise our dream of opening a store that would mirror our aesthetic abilities and open the doors to a quirky and fun world of merchandise. 

The Namecase: Since our products are an amalgamation of intelligence and idiosyncrasy, some products are designed intelligently by a bunch of ‘too cool for school’ idiots and some products are designed idiotically by a bunch of intelligent fools! So now you know the genesis of our brand name. 

Intelligent Idiots is a certified intelligent mortar and online stop for quirky merchandise, personal bar belongings and home decor.